Thursday, August 21, 2014

Irish Nitro Stout (Guinness style)

Guinness Style Stout

This is my 6th Nitro Stout. I consider this an easy beer to make. This is easy due to a simple malt ingredients, minimal hops and mashing is single stage. Mashing at 156F creates harsh malt flavours and mashes at 148 makes this too thin. People have commented that they actually prefer my Guinness' done at the higher mash temperatures. I would attribute this to people generally enjoying malt flavour. IMO, Guinness is more about the mouth feel and less about the taste. This brings me to the Flaked Barley. 2 lbs is very important to create the expected mouth feel.

This will be kegged and tapped with Nitrogen. 

2 lb Flaked Barley
1 lb Black Roasted Barley
8 lb 2-Row Malt

Magnum 1oz 60 mins
Fuggle 2oz 20 mins

Mash 152F

OG 1.051
FG 1.021
ABV 4%
FG 1.019

Aug 3- bitterness is nice and mild. Fuggle hops coming through. Smooth how ever a bit thin. ABV targeting with the OG is 5%. Next time up the malt to make 6 gals. This batch made less that 5 gallons due to hop sludge.

Aug 20 - Poured into keg. Made only 4.5 gallons.

Aug 31 - Nice nitro head.  Tastes and feel like a Guinness but with more black malt flavour. Very drinkable. Winner!

Oct 26 - Pours nicely and has a deep black malty flavour. Great beer.