Thursday, October 22, 2015

Back Yard Hop hop Ale. 80F+ Fermentation 9/19/2015

Heat Wave Beer
with backyard grown hops


California Select 10 lbs
Special Roast 1lb


Northern Brewer 2 oz


Turbo Yeast - Heat Wave


Mash Time: 90 mins
Yielded 7 gals


50 mins - hops addition
10 mins bark yard hops - cascade 4 oz (probable contamination)

Made 4 gals


Tastes like peanuts. After 4 weeks fermenting I finally threw this batch out due to the strong off flavours.

Most likely the hops from my back yard contaminated this batch of beer. I thought about cold distilling this beer and also dry hopping of adding adjuncts to embrace the funk. There was no saving this beer.

Best Bitter 10/17/2015

Best Bitter

This is the style of beer that pulled me into brewing. I enjoy this most served at about 62F with very low carbonation.


Fawcett Optic - 10lbs
Crystal 40L - 1lb

Hops (pellets)

Fuggle 2 oz
Kent Goldings 2 oz


Strike temp 170F
Mashed 1 hr with 6 gals @ 152F
Produced 7.2 gals


50 mins Fuggle
15 mins Goldings
Yielded about 5.5 gals

Cooled to 97F
Poured into vessel that had Red Ale Brew and yeast
OG 1.044


Tastes like the Bitter I love. ABV it expected to be about 4.6% based on 5.5 gals made.

Placed into cold storage for 1 month.

Carbonated and aged this beer is flavourful yet light and easy to drink. Perfect. 

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Irish Red Ale Oct 4, 2015

Objective and Comments

This is my recipe and method yielding an amazing ale that is balanced with darker malts.  It is  easy to drink yet full of malt falvour. I started at 1pm and finished at 7:15pm including clean up. This should have been about 1 hr faster do to a slow pour into the fermenter and a long mash. I should have hit 154F this first time for 60 minutes.


2 lbs    Carared
2 lbs    70/80 L Crystal
1 lb     40 L Crystal
1 lb     60 L Crystal
4 oz     Black Roasted Barley
20 lb   British Base Malt

Total Malts: 26 lb 4 oz

Mash tun could have taken about 2 more lbs of malt but that would be pushing it.  Strike temp was 165F. Air temperature was about 78F.


Magnum 2 oz (bittering)
Warrior 2 oz (flavour)

Magnum is a clean bittering hop. Warrior is a robust hop that should balance the malts. This is about adding enough hopes to balance but not play centre stage.


150F for 50 mins, drained 3 gallons
153F for 60 mins, drained 12 gallons (154F would be better)

Sparged at 172F.


Bittering hops 60 mins
Falvour hops 20 mins including pour into fermenter

I skimmed off the foam off the top to help prevent a boil over.

No clarifier


OG 1.064

Taste was asexpected but maybe a bit thin. Good dark color. Yielded 10 gallons plus a couple of pints in hydrometer and sprayer.

Yeast: Irish Ale WLP Labs. Yeild expired 1 week ago but was showing good life in vile.

Repitched new yeast (saf04) 1.5 days later. Morebeer sold me expired yeast (mailorder). 


Clarifier would have improved appearances. 2oz buttering was not enough. 4 oz next time. Try mash temp 154 and at dextrose next time.