Friday, September 16, 2011

Hoegaarden (clone)

All Grain 5.5 Gal
Sept. 16, 2011


3.5 # Golden Promise Malt - milled
3.5 # White Wheat Malt - milled
1 # Flaked wheat - not milled
1 # Flaked oats - milled
1 oz Kent Golding (4% AA) pellets
1 oz Saaz (4% AA) pellets
⅛ oz Crushed coriander seeds
¼ oz Dried Curacao orange peel, shredded
1 vial White Labs WLP400 (or Wyeast 3944)


3 gals Mash 148F 10 mins then raised to 152F for 70 mins
3 gals Mash out @ 170F
2 gals Mash out @ 165F


75 mins Boiled down
60 mins Add Kent Golding
20 mins Add coil / whirfloc
15 mins Add Saaz, Steeped spices (strained)


30 mins Add Coriander and Orange peel to 4 cups of boiled H20, stain

Cool to 70F


Pitch yeast
Ferment at 65F for 2 weeks
Lager 45F for 3-4 weeks


Sept 16 - Very full carboy. OG 1.046 or 11.5 BRIX

Sept 19 - Woke up to seeing the fermentation going explosively through the air lock. Need to clean and replace it today.

Sept 24 - 9 days of fermentation with a BRIX reading of 5.2. This shows a 5.2% ABV and a final gravity (FG) of 1.005. Wow that’s low. Attenuation shows 89.1%. Time to age this is a keg.

Sept 24 - Kegged right to the top and added 12PSI. Also filled three bottles. Two primed with dextrose and one not. One clay bottle has a lot of yeast.

Oct 16 - Excellent light beer with nice malt aroma and good head. Nice and fluffy. Orange flavour is subtle but noticeable. Coriander is weak. Next time do the same but boil down to level of thermometer probe and add more Orange peel and coriander. Maybe 50% of each? Great beer for a hot summer day.

Nov 19 - Keg still going strong. Great light beer but I’d like to make a Grand Cru using this as the base. Hallertauer is recommend as the primary hop, Belgium Pilsner as the main malt and I would triple the flaked oat and wheat. Aim for a BRIX between 17 to 18.

Dec 22 - Turned out this was too light and not enough flavour. A partial result of not boiling this down enough. I threw out about 1 gallon of wort. Made this with Mangala.