Saturday, January 18, 2014

Tropical Villainous Stout

Brew day: Jan 18th Saturday

Same ingredients as Guinness but this has more base malt and higher mash temperatures making the higher in maltiness and ABV. This is using organic grain which in my experience gives me considerably more fermentables. Note that OG is 1.079. Using similar grain from Morebeer would give me an OG closer to 1.062.

2 lbs Bairds Malt Roasted Barley (British)
4 lbs Grain Millers Barley, Organic Flaked
20 lbs Great Western Malting 2-Row Pale, Organic (US)

Mash and Sparge
Mash 145 45mins, produced 4 gallons
Mash 157 45 mins, produced 4 gallons
Sparged @ 170F to give total of 12 gallons. This was a nice slow sparge. 

Fuggle US 2 oz. @ 60 mins
First Gold UK 2 oz. @ 15 mins 
Coil and Irish moss @ 15 mins

Readied for Fermentation
Poured into vessel with aerator spigot (see photo below)
Cooled to 80F
Oxygen for 11 seconds, bubbling strongly
OG 1.079 check photo
FG  1.018
Saf yeast 04 x two
ABV 8%

Jan 20 2014 - (Day 2) huge fermentation head. Off to a great start. Temperature is 62F to 67F

Jan 25 - 2 vessels: poured one into keg with nitro and other into secondary with 1 cup of whiskey, 2 vanilla beans, 1 oz chocolate nibs and 1.5 oz of oak chips. All adjuncts soaked in the whiskey briefly to sanitize and help extract flavour. To be dispensed with CO2. 

Jan 30 - Taste is full of oak and not a lot of mouth-feel. If you closed your eye you could mistake it for a light ale.

Feb 9 - Still needs more carbonation. Definately more malt flavour and aroma. More ABV balances this. Mouthfeel is excelent. Needs a month to settle down. 

Apr 2 - Batch 1 - Nitro - - not a bad stout but Bairds dark roast is very different than black roast barley used for making Guiness. The nitro tames this and it's nice but still a bit rough. 

Batch 2- -  CO2 - better than nitro due to the flavour build with adjuncts. Still a bit rough. Whiskey is nicely pronounced. Vanilla is hard to detect like the nibs. Oak is pronounced and balances with the beer.  
Mash in
The pour from the mash
Part 2: Gravity reading @ 82F of 1.048 (during pour)
Part 1: Gravity reading @128F of  1.059 (same as above but hotter)
The boil is about to begin
The boil
Sweet wort into the vessel with aerator
OG 1.079