Monday, May 12, 2014

IPA Red Ale - May 11, 2014

10 gallon all grain

Aiming for a light easy drinking red IPA with about 5% ABV and a strong citra/piny hop aroma. Mash is low at 149F and the hops are being added late to enhance the aromas. Less bittering hops.

Golden Promise           16 lbs
Carapils                       1 lbs
CaraRed                      2 lbs
German Caramel Pils  1.5 lbs
Total grain 20.5 lbs

Mash 149F for 2:15 hrs
Sparge @ 170F to make 13 gallons

60 mins  US Magnum 2oz  14.7%A
20 mins  Copper coil
15 mins  Whirlfox
15 mins  1oz each of Simcoe 14.8%A and Chinook 13.8% (whole, no bag)
Cooled to 120, 1oz each of Simcoe and Chinook, 15 mins

Yeast: Kolsch yeast (used once before)

OG 1.055
FG 1.018 (May 17)
ABV 4.9% (May 17)
FG 1.009 (May 24)
ABV 6%


May 13, 2014 - We are having very hot weather this week (90's) so this fermentation vessel is sitting in a bath of water with a temperature between 62F and 67F.

May 17, 2014 - Fermentation has remained below 70F. Still sweet yet very promising. Light yet full body. Aroma is there but needs to age.

May 23. 2014 - Lighter easier drinking ale with wonderful flavour and mouth feel. This will go into two 5 gallon buckets today. Dry hopped with 2 oz of Simcoe (W) and the other Citra (W).

June 1, 2014 - Citra dry hop was ok. Simcoe is superior. Reminds me of Pliny. This is nice and light however the aroma and flavour need 3 to 5 weeks to peak.

July 5, 2014 - aroma is soft but not distinctive in any specific flavor. Mouth feel is spot on for a hot summer beer. Aroma flavor and appearance lends itself to a nice hot summer ale.  Good foam, good all around balance.