Sunday, September 28, 2014

Trinidad Scorpion & Ghost Pepper Dry Hopping

Having grown the hottest peppers in the world I was looking forward to adding some flavour and heat to my beer.  The small pepper is the Trinidad Scorpion (1.5M scovilles)  and the other is the Ghost pepper (Bhut Jolokia, 1M scovilles). To put this in perspective a Habonero is about 0.3M scovilles and a JalapeƱo only has 8k scovilles.

Not wanting to ruin 5 gallons of beer  I waded into the heat with first pouring the beer over a whole pepper and then swirled the pepper in the beer. This brought out a distinct pepper flavour more on the back of my mouth.  No heat detected. We wanting to get some heat so we cut them open and repeated the swirl test for about 10 seconds and then finally with 20 seconds. Each time the heat started to come through. The 10 second swirl gave us what we described as a warm fuzzy heat. The beer flavour was all there but they the heat of the pepper cam though through. Very pleasant. The 20 second swirl brought he heat of the beer to what I would describe as a very hot curry. Still not rushing for yogurt but this was more like a prickly heat. 

I did this experiment with a hoppy IPA and a Maple Oak Stout. I would recommend doing this with a beer with a lot of malt flavour.  The heat and the malts go together well. 

Next time I plan to push the envelop and dry hop a few liters with these peppers. There are a lot of complex flavours happening which are going to be a challenge to extract without setting the beer on fire.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Pliny the Hoser v2

Style of beer is similar to Pliny the Younger but with a different spectrum of hops. 6oz of dry hops.


  • 15 lbs. 2 Row
  • 1/2 lb 20L
  • 1/2 lb Carapil
  • 1 lb Destrose/Corn sugar

  • 148F for 90 mins
  • Sparges  with 170F h20 to make 9 gallons


70 min boil

Minutes.    Hop. (Oz)  Amt. 
70            Magnum      1
60            Magnum      1
30            HBC 342.    1 
25            Centennial   1
20            Citra.            1
15            Columbus     1
10            Centennial    1
5              Citra             1
Flameout Magnum      1

Burton Brewers salts 1/2 tsp
Fermentation nutrients 1/4 tsp
All ingredients except for dry hops. Cups contain dextrose.

  • Brix 14.2 @90F, 1.058OG, Measured with hydrometer after it cooled OG 1.059
  • Brix 7 @ 67F.  ABV 6.7%
  • OG seems low. I don't think Morebeer milled this well. 
  • Made 6 gals
  • Fermented for 2 weeks in my fridge at the lower end of the range for clean crisp beer. 

Sep 20 - Full of hop flavours with smooth bitterness. Light malt tones. 
Oct 04 - Dry hopped at 65F 1 oz each of simcoe Columbus and Citra.
Oct 08 - Moved beer to need vessel and dry hopped with 2 oz of Magnum and 2 oz of Simcoe
Oct 10 - chilled to 36F
Oct 11 - Moved to kegged,  cooled to 46F for 3 weeks.
Oct 30 - Bitter, expected aroma, correct body. Excellent beer. Will get better over next 2 weeks.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

2014 Hop Harvest

2014 hop harvest was low this year due to moles digging up my roots. The two cascades in the foreground still did well however I got moderate harvest from two Zeus and nothing else from the Chinook, Willamette and Magnum. One hop died to the right of the irrigation box due to massive tunneling from mr mole. Harvest was late, Sept 13, due to travel. The cones were dry on the vine and Cascade had mites. The lady bugs love it.

A total of 4 trays of cascade are drying at 95F for 48 hours and will be saved for a late of dry hopping.

Some Zeus (huge cones) will be used for the same. They will be dried next.

Water schedule this year was 4 minutes in the morning and afternoon. Each plant had a small sprayer.