Friday, August 24, 2012

Basic Stout

Basic Stout

Aug 24, 2012

What makes this recipe interesting is that the resulting beer is a "typical Stout". Mouth feel, ABV, malt flavour are all what I would consider a pleasant stout. This recipe could be used to be the base of more interesting stouts. For example adding Peat flavoured Malts could result in an amazing stout.

Milled Barley
Lbs.      Description
9.          2-row
1/2.       15L
1/2.       60L
1.          Chocolate wheat
1.          Biscuit
1.          Flaked Barley

Mash (Batch sparge)
Gals        Temp(F)  Mins
4.             152.      60
3.             159.      20
2.             167.      10

Hop schedule
Time.    Hop.             Oz.        Comment
60.        Kent Golding   2
20.        Cascade          2 3/8.     Back yard

FG 12.9 Brix
Kegged on Sept 2
Dry English Yeast

Smooth tasting, full body stout. No hint of chocolate just smooth malt flavor. Shows a nice brownish head typical of stouts. Seems like a good base for future stouts. Lite on ABV at an estimated 4%.

Next time either up base malt or add dextrose to give this some kick. Focus on secondary with either vanilla and nibs or licorice or nothing. Only add buttering hops. Flavor hops are lost in the malt.