Thursday, December 26, 2013

Red Hop Rocket

10 Gallon Batch

20 lbs    2-Row organic
3   lbs    Carared (Morebeer)
2   lbs    Crystal 40 organic
1   lbs    Carapils organic

60 mins 2 viles of hop jizz
20 mins Chinook 5 oz, coil, tablet
10 mins Citra 5 oz 
5   mins Citra 2 oz, Chinook 3 oz

Yeast: Yeast from Blind Pig batch reused.

150 F Mash for 90 mins
170 F Sparge to make 12 gallons. Slow mash out. 

Produce 12 gallons
Boiled down to 10.5 gallons

Dry hop
7 days - 4 oz Chinook, 6 oz Citra

Cold crash then keg 

Lager for 4 weeks at fridge temperature. 

OG  1.072
Gravity after 9 days 1.046, tastes sweet with fruit bowl and lesser piney flavours. Needs more fermentation. Head of foam has resided. Leave for a total of three weeks.
FG   est 1.01
ABV 8%

Jan 18 - Poured into 2 bucket. One with Chinook hops (2 oz) and the other 4 gallon vessel has Citra hops (1 oz)
Jan 25 - Poured into keg with CO2. I will let this rest until March 1st to get a clean hop aroma.
Feb 1 - Coming along nicely. Huge hop flavour and strong hop aroma.
Feb 6 - Perfect! Hop-delicious. Aging help give this the light body, nice mouth feel with crisp hoppy flavours and aromas. One of my best. The red malt is a favorite of mine. This is a lot like a IPA with heavy hops. The ABV is high but it tastes like a 4% beer.
March 6, 2014 - Aged to perfection. Amazing hoppy malty fresh full bodied Red Ale. Do this again with other great IPA hops.
March 15, 2014 - Rich wonderful hoppy. Winner!
March 23 - Ok. This was a solid good. Hoppy red ale but I have to refine my process if I'm doing this again. This beer was too bitter and too heavy. Hop aroma was very nice but this is not an easy drinking beer. 

Areas to improve:

1. Mash at 149F to lower heaviness 
2. Lower red and 40 malt to about 1/2
3.  Focus on dry hopping a series if hops each for 4 days

There are no surprises with this beer. Considering the ingredients this is what I would expect with the beer. 

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