Sunday, November 5, 2017

Kolsch - May 14/2017

This is a great and simple beer to make. I see a lot of recipes on the web but none like this. I use Kolsch Malt. The Munich malt plays a flavoring role. You can change this with similar German malts. The best Kolschs will result in about 4.5 to 5% ABV. This give the best malt balance. More ABV and it seems to be too malty. Less and theirs not enough flavor. So ideally with my technique I would 16 lb of base malt.Yeast is important. It give the beer the Kolsch flavor that you are familiar with. Hops should be mild and noble. Cascade is a nice hop but it does detract from the pure Kolsch flavor.

20 lbs Kolsch malt

1 lb Munich malt
1 pack Kolsch WLP white pack
1 oz Liberty
2 oz Cascade
2 oz Cascade (Hop Rocket)
1 tsp Yeast Nutrients
2 tablets whirlflox
120F 60 mins
150F 60 mins
170F Sparge

Produced 13.5 Gal
Cascade Leaf 60 mins
Liberty pellets 20 mins
Other  20 mins

Hop Rocket
2 oz Cascade leaf (before coil)
Produced  9.5 gallons

OG 1.050
FG 1.002 (really?) Ok so this was 6.3% ABV
Fermented in house at about 75F (House was about 68F)

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