Thursday, April 3, 2014

Crystal Pils (German Pils Style)

Jan 11, 2014

15 lbs German Pils
2 lbs Carapils
6 oz Honey malt

Mash 151F for 1 hr

Sparged 9.5 gallons @ 170F

60 mins Tattenger 2 oz
15 mins crystal 2 oz, liberty 1 oz
1 teaspoon 

WLP 800 pitched to wort at 90F with fridge set to 52F

Produced 7.7 gallons at 1.063 OG
Feb 21 - FG  1.013
ABV 6.7%

Feb 21 - Tastes as expected. Needs two months of lagering.

Mar 21 - poured first pint. Aroma is fruity fresh. Still cloudy but this is the first first pour which is pulling everything from the bottom on the keg. All indications that this is on track for excellence. One more month of lagering. 

Apr 1 - Looks perfect and tastes light yet a hint of honey with a nice mouth feel. Very excellent lager over all. Crystal Hop may add some "ok" aroma. I now prefer Liberty, Saaz (in that order).  Bitterness is mild and well balanced. 

Apr 4 - Flavour continues to improve. Wonderful mouth feel with silky honey tones.

Bottom of Primary Fermentation after one month.