Sunday, February 28, 2016

Black Lupulin Ale

March 6, 2016

Aiming for something not normally found. A light black Imperial IPA full of a wide spectrum of hop flavour. My technique is going to change to bring out more hop flavours while creating a lighter drinking black ale. Malts add some complexity but the hops dominate the beer. Yeast that I've chosen should dry out beer while not adding any unexpected flavour. This is a 5 gallon batch but due to the hops boil thievery I'm treating this like  7 gallon batch. 

  • Mash target temp is 154F to produce 9 gallons (OG 1.045)(pull out more malt flavour). Strkie temperature: 157F
  • No Water treatment.
  • Boil is 60 minutes. First 40 minutes is vigorous with Magnum hop additions.
  • Then remaining 20 mins is done at a simmer (kettle lid on) to retain hop aromas and flavours. Some steam escaped but not a lot.
  • Cool down will target 75F and fermentation will be kept at 65F in the house.
  • No Yeast nutrients added. No Clarifier added. No Oxygen added.
  • OG 1.057 with 7 gallons produced.
  • When FG hit 1.011 I will ferment 2 days at room temp (67F).
  • OG Target 1.088
  • ABV Target 9%


GR311FM          Pilsen Malt 4 oz Milled
GR692CM          Black Prinz Malt 1 lb Milled (may use less)
AJ40             Flaked Brewing Oats (1 Lb)
GR363EM          Fawcett Halcyon 5 lb Milled


HMAG2 (60m)      Magnum Pellet Hops 2 oz

Hop Flavour (added with muslin bags)
HAMA2 (26m)      Amarillo Pellet Hops 2 oz    
HCOL2 (21m)      Columbus Pellet Hops 2 oz
HGAX2  (8m)      Galaxy Pellet Hops 2 oz, 
                 Simcoe Pellet Hops 2 oz, 
                 Falconer's Flight Pellet Hops 2 oz


DY44             Dry Yeast - Belle Saison (11 g), Hydrated in 2 cups of water (tap temperature)