Sunday, November 5, 2017

Extra Special Bitter 11/04/2017

My first brew was a Bitter. It was an extract brew and I nailed it. What I like about Bitters is their lower carbonation, ease of drinking, slightly warmer serving temperature and mouth feel.

Over the years making this I've experimented a lot. What I’m learning is to keep this very simple. Less flavoring hops and malts. Better malt extraction with the mash.

20 lbs  Maris Otter
2 lbs Caristan
2 oz. Magnum 60 mins
4 oz EK Golding. 15 mins
2 tsp Gypsum mash
2 tsp Gypsum
Whirflox (forgotten this time)

25 mins 125F
60 mins 153F, 2 tsp Gypsum
Sparged with 180F (2 gallons)
Mash yield: 12.8 gal

Hard boil with Hop additions. No bags.
First use of Trub Catchers. This does not seem like a good thing.
Boil yield: 9.8 gal

Cooled to 90F

London Ale Yeast  WLP013, 89F
Target OG 1.048, Actual G 1.064

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